OK, there is more to me than computers. I used to hang glide, until I gave it up for the much less dangerous sport of mountain unicycling. Like most computer geeks, I enjoy and collect Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, art, and movies/TV series. Unlike most people, I have to play computer games not just because they are fun, but because the technology relates to much of what I do in hardware and software.

I like too many different Science Fiction and Fantasy authors and artists to dare list a favorite, but I have ended up with a fairly large collection of Terry Pratchett DiscworldTM sculptures. At ConJose (2002) I won the (charitable) bidding on a Discworld chess set; below is a picture of the set, me, and oh yea, Terry.

Terry Pratchett & Michael Deering
Photo Copyright 2002 Michael Ward http://hidden-knowledge.com/

Computer Keyboard Collection

While my research interests have always included man/machine interface (there used to be a journal of that name), I never directly did much research or design of computer keyboards. Nevertheless, over the years I have ended up with a fairly eclectic collection of computer keyboards. I don’t know if this counts as a hobby or not. Eventually images of these will be attached here.