Artificial Intelligence

Michael Frank Deering: AI Projects

This page describes several Artificial Intelligence projects I was involved in.

Schlumberger/Fairchild: Automated in-process IC inspection

This was my first project at Schlumberger: a project to design a machine to inspect microscope images of IC circuits for manufacturing defects.

In-process IC inspection

Schlumberger/Fairchild: Fairchild AI Machine

This was an audacious design for a custom wafer-scale AI machine.

Fairchild AI Machine

Advanced AI Systems: Prolog

This was a commercial Macintosh software product who’s early code was based on one of my AI packages.

Advanced AI Systems Prolog

Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences/Berkeley: Real-Time Natural Scene Analysis for a Blind Prothesis

This was my Ph.D. research project for building a blind mobility aid based on computer vision techniques.

Blind Prothesis

Berkeley: Pearl: A Package For the Efficient Representation of Knowledge in Lisp

This was a Lisp based AI package that I coauthored.



This was my second AI package (it preceded PEARL).